Largest Deep Stone Carving Project....

Catherine Shuman from Turned to Stone in Salt Lake City, UT has completed a very large Stone Carving project. It was a series of large stone slabs (about 5’ x 10’) that were engraved for the face of a building in Salt Lale City, UT. The stones weighed about 1,500 lbs each. It took two and a half weeks to engrave.

Below are some pictures of the stones in production. There were three images engraved onto the 21 stones. One was the image of a man's face. The other was the image of a library scene. (Men sitting around a table at a library.) And the third image is of the M101 Galaxy, taken by the Hubble telescope.

The stones are installed at the site in Salt Lake City, UT. At this time, the final renovation is not yet complete.

This job was almost 1,000 square feet and was billed at $91/foot. Since it was the first of its kind, a photo image in lighter colored stone, we hope to see this job make way for more travertine/outdoor applications. It is already slated to be entered into several architecture, renovation and stone magazines and will be entered for their applicable annual awards spotlights.

Starting the Project:

Used an LST4496 and LST610 to Engrave the Images:


Used the Stone Carving Process and Back Filled with Paint:

Customer Approval:

Installation of Project:


Stone Slabs are Ready to be Shipped to the Project Site in SLC:

North" Side installed:

Another side installed: 

Face of the Building:


Fantastic Work! We will post a picture of the completed job when the final renovations are done. Stay tuned for more information...