F/X Series Laser Etching System





Overall Dimensions:  
Length:76 inches (1931mm)76 inches (1931mm)
Width:48 inches (1220mm)65 inches (1651mm)
Height:43 inches (1093mm)43 inches (1093mm)
Work Area:  
X axis:36 inches (915mm)51 inches (1296mm)
Y axis:51 inches (1296mm)51 inches (1296mm)
Drive type:High Performance BeltHigh Performance Belt
Laser types:RF sealedRF sealed
Speed:Up to 60 inches/secondUp to 60 in/second
DPI:Up to 1200 DPIUp to 1200 DPI

Standard Features:

  • Quick change lens assemblies
  • Precision roller bearings for smooth operation
  • High performance, air-assist cutting head
  • AC Servo motors for faster throughput
  • Comprehensive control panel
  • Built-in network connection
  • Convenient parts catch drawer
  • Replaceable slat downdraft table
  • Swivel casters for portability
  • Easy access to all areas of machine

Available Options:

  • 30, 60, 100 & 200 watt power
  • Roller track
  • Focal optics 2.0 FL, 4.0 FL or 5.0 FL
  • Fume pump
  • Dual cutting head assembly
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • Fume scrubber
  • Honeycomb cutting surfaces
  • Raster and cutting software