L-Star Series Laser Systems




Overall Dimensions: 
Length:70 inches (1778mm)120 inches (3048mm)140 inches (3556mm)
Width:70 inches (1778mm)74.5 inches (1892mm)94 inches (2388mm)
Height:47 inches (1193mm)47 inches (1193mm)47 inches (1193mm)
Work Area: 
X axis:48 inches(1219mm)48 inches (1219mm)72 inches (1829mm)
Y axis:30 inches(762mm)96 inches (2438mm)120 inches (3048mm)
Clearanceup to 16" (406mm)up to 24" (610mm)up to 24" (610mm)
Drive type x and y:Stepper MotorsAC Brushless ServoAC Brushless Servo
Laser types:RF sealedRF sealedRF sealed
Laser Power:35 WattsUp to 200 WattsUp to 200 Watts
Speed:Up to 175 in/secondUp to 175 in/secondUp to 175 inches/second
DPI:Up to 1200Up to 1200Up to 1200

Standard Features for the L-Star:

LST Models

  • Laser: 45 Watt RF Excited
  • 1.5 FL Assembly
  • Air pump
  • Fine Focus adjuster
  • Integrated Laser Pointer Diode (Red Dot)
  • Remote pendant for easy setup of jobs
  • AC brushless servo motors
  • Enclosed lightweight gantry
  • Horizontally mounted laser (hybrid flying optic beam delivery system)
  • Raster Engraving Sofware
  • 1500 lbs Hydraulic Lift Table with Tile Deck Surface
  • Ethernet connection
  • ClipArt Library (Image library for the monument industry and general design)
  • Training on machine, software & applications at Vytek in Fitchburg, MA

LS Models

  • 35 Watt RF Series CO2 Laser
  • 1.5" FL Optic Assembly
  • Focus Adjuster
  • Entry Raster Engraving Software
  • Ethernet Connection
  • High Performance Micro Stepping Drive System
  • Removable Table System for Thick Objects

Available Options:

  • Optional higher power laser heads
  • Special fume evacuation manifolds for plastic and stencil cutting.
  • Computer with Scanner preloaded with the software
  • Raster Engraving Software Suite for Photo Editing, and Engraving
  • Roller track for transport of heavy stone into and out of the machine and for easy positioning of thick, heavy or cumbersome
  • Cutting deck for cutting wood and plastics (LST models only)
  • Software upgrades for cutting applications (LST models only)
  • 4.0 FL Assembly (LST models only)