The FX2 Laser System


Overall Dimensions:   
Length:38 inches (965mm)48 inches (1220mm)64 inches (1626mm)
Width:31 inches (788mm)41 inches (1042mm)41 inches (1042mm)
Height:39 inches (991mm)41 inches (1042mm)42 inches (1067mm)
Work Area:   
X axis:12 inches (305mm)24 inches (610mm)24 inches (610mm)
Y axis:24 inches (610mm)36 inches (915mm)51 inches (1296mm)
Drive type:                           High Performance Belt
Laser types:                                    RF Sealed
Speed:                           Up to 60 inches/second
DPI:                               Up to 1200 DPI


  • Easy to read control panel gives the user multiple line displays to view critical job information such as file name, laser power, speed, run time and resolution.
  • Auto focus feature allows use of the same lens for engraving & cutting.
  • Rear mounted vacuum duct for fume & dust evacuation.
  • Larger objects can be loaded through the oversized top & front doors.
  • Precision bearings are sealed for longer life.
  • Easy access to all areas of machine.
  • Expanded viewing area.
  • Lift table with 9" adjustability.
  • Swivel casters for portability.
  • Built-in ethernet connection.

Available Options:

  • Integrated laser pointer
  • Honeycomb cutting deck
  • Focal optics 2.0 FL or 4.0 FL
  • 35, 60 or 100 watt power
  • Fume scrubber